I Love My Family/Friends….

Posted: April 10, 2011 in Uncategorized


I made many bad choices against those who were close to me. But not gonna get into examples and details.

By God’s grace, many have given me much forgiveness and continue to care and love me.

I am not in contact with my adopted family due to past hurts. I take much blame in that area.
However, after much sorrow over that, I now have HOPE for that day that I will meet them again and we
can deal with our issues as God will intend it. So, even though they won’t respond to my Facebook Friend Requests,
I know I am where I should be provided I do His will! Acceptance is the answer.

I love my family.

I have great friends who fill in the void. Some people in NYC live alone and prefer to not be with others. I sorta was raised like that.
But I know I can just pick up the phone, go to a 12-step meeting, to a small church group…anywhere and find good support!!!

I love my friends!!

This life I live is a challenge but I have come to accept that and be prepared for the next lesson.

James Christian Jr


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